About me

Hello everyone, my name is Diego and I welcome you to this space where we can share our passion.

I grew up reading the sports newspaper that my father brought home every day, collecting the stickers of each season, buying sports magazines, playing PC Football, Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA… and of course, I didn’t miss a single league match every weekend.

Today, a bit more adult, I have not lost these hobbies and many times I have thought about sharing my hobby with other people and that is what encouraged me to create this blog.

Feel the football was born with the idea of remembering, sharing and, perhaps in some cases, introducing players, stadiums, matches and anecdotes, but above all it was born with the idea of having a good time.

I know that for those of us who like to see statistics, curiosities of the players, know more about the ins and outs of the stadiums, the shields, shirts and everything that surrounds the world of football this is not something new, but I don’t pretend it to be, what I want to transmit with this blog is the ability to get excited remembering that game of… that any of us could see years ago, or watching those goals of that player that we have admired.

Periodically I will be uploading small articles that I hope you like and I invite you to participate in the blog with your comments and suggestions.



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